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At Calgary’s Choice Tax Services, “we worry about your taxes, so you don’t have to.” We know our clients expect quick, accurate and cost-effective personal income tax return preparation services. We have been serving Calgary and the surrounding area for over 20 years.

Income Tax Return preparation to maximize your return has been our priority!

The preparation of your income tax return is no easy task!

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  •  Taxes touch every aspect of your life! Whether your marital status changes, or you invest in property, whether you start a business, sell a stock, go to post-secondary education, or register your children in childcare you need specialized advice for your taxes! If you want to run your own business or home day-care or have employment expenses, you may be missing out on expenses that would lower your income. We have the expertise and commitment necessary to correctly complete and efile your return and will ensure nothing is missed. We will make tax time painless! We will provide you with detailed checklists to keep your fee down and to maximize your refund or tax savings.


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The deadline for filing your tax return each year is April 30th, unless the 30th falls on the weekend and then it is due on the next business day. If you do not file on time, and you have a balance owing, you will be charged interest at the prescribed rate.


The deadline for making an RRSP contribution for the 2017 tax year is March 1, 2018. That’s the final day you can make a contribution, which can be used as a deduction on your 2017 taxes. Your contribution limit is specified on your Notice of Assessment.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have all T4 (employment) slips, T3 and T5 (investment income) slips as well as many others like charitable donations, medical expenses and childcare. 


If you need to make a change to your tax return, you can do so for any of the previous 10 tax years. You do not have to re-file your return; you send in an adjustment either online or by mail.

Let Us Worry About Your Taxes So That You Don't Have To

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