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CRA Services You Might Not Know About


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File My Return Telephone Service

Calgarys Choice Tax ServicesEffective February 2018 Canada Revenue Agency is introducing the new ‘File My Return Telephone Service’. Eligible individuals with low income or a fixed income that is unchanged year-to-year can file their tax returns by answering a series of short questions and giving some personal information.  This will be done through a dedicated, automated phone service.  They will send out personalized invitation letters to eligible Canadians starting in the middle of February 2018.



Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sponsors the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program which provides free help to complete income tax returns.  This free service is available to people with a modest income and a simple tax situation, who are not able to prepare their own tax returns.  Returns will not be prepared for deceased persons, bankrupt individuals, or for people with capital gains/losses, business income or rental income.

For 2016 tax returns, modest income is considered to be $30,000 for an individual, $40,000 for a couple (add $2,500 for each dependent), and $35,000 for an individual with a dependent (add $2,500 for each additional dependent).

Your tax situation is simple if you have no income, or if your sources of income are from the following: employment (as long as you have no employment expenses), pension, benefits such as CPP, disability, CCB, EI, social assistance, RRSP, support payments, scholarships, fellowships, bursaries or grants and interest under $1,000.

Many tax professionals including staff, volunteer in various different organizations throughout the country to prepare tax returns.



Sharon Numerow CDFA, Tax Specialist
Sharon Numerow CDFA, Tax Specialist

*** Start to get organized for the upcoming tax season by sorting receipts, ensuring you know which tax slips to expect in the mail and of course by making an RRSP contribution (assuming it is advantageous to your tax situation). Calgary’s Choice Tax Services would be happy to support you this tax season; you can contact us at (403)703-7176 or